Monday, October 25, 2010

Sore and Sick

This might the the weirdest last few days I have ever had...well, you could even include the last week.  Last weekend I felt like I had a cold, I had a runny nose and had chills but then also had a fever and ended up with mastitis.  I've been on antibiotics all week...then on Friday morning I slipped at the bottom of the stairs and fell.  I'm really thankful I only hurt my MCL, which is the ligament on the inside of my knee...but I did still hurt my knee and walking, sitting down, standing up is not fun right now.  My shoulder hurts form the fall, too.  Saturday night I got a little tickle in my throat and then woke up to another runny nose and sore throat.  Here's the best part though, this morning I decided to stay home just to really let myself get better.  The second I made the decision, Jordan came downstairs and threw up at my feet.  Great.  I thought maybe he was just sick and would feel better after he got it out of his system, but no such luck.  He's been throwing up on and off all morning.  He's sleeping now.  He's definitely sick...he's sleeping during the day. My poor baby.
It's not fun being sick, but I feel good knowing I'm home with him and comforting him while he's sick.  I know when I'm sick the only thing I want is someone to sit with me and hug me.  I've definitely been able to get lots of snuggles in with Jordan today.  Poor baby.  He's so sweet.
I've been working some on a new eehee (blanket) for him, too.  My mom has made most of his eehees, except for one.  He wanted a blue one and I wanted to try to crochet something more than a coaster so I'm working on it for him.  I can't wait for it to be done...although it's kind of slow going!  What makes you feel better when you are sick?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a Good Laugh?

I'm sure you've seen the laughing babies who won America's Funniest Home Videos.  They are so cute and their laughter just makes you laugh, you just can't help it.  That was us this afternoon laughing at Danny laughing.  He's so smily and has been laughing with us, but this afternoon he finally had a real laugh.  We couldn't get enough of it.  If you need a smile, you've come to the right place!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Oxymoronic Week

     I have basically survived my first week back at school!  We have a school improvement day tomorrow so I'll be at work, but in meetings and not working with students.  Yesterday it felt like the longest week ever, and today it feels infinitely even longer.  It seems like Monday, my first day back, was an eternity ago.  To think that last week I was just beginning my day-long cry-fest over having to leave my baby is insane.  At the same time, it doesn't feel like tomorrow is Friday and it actually went really fast.  It's already almost time for the weekend when I can be with my boys!!
     I do have to say being back at work is okay, I love my job and that has made all the difference in being able to go back to work and feel good about my life.  I have enjoyed seeing all the friendly faces from colleagues and students.  I have a few new students and in these last four days I've already gotten to know them and can tell it's going to be fun to work with them.  I can tell that there is a definite energy to my teaching after having such a nice, long break.  It feels great!  
     I also have to say I so miss snuggling with my baby and cooking and being able to go to the library and watching TLC.  It so weird to love and hate having to go to work at the same time.  In the end, I know it's healthy for me and the kiddos.  I love being busy and productive and I love that my sons get to go to daycare and be around other kids and paint and play and have their own busy days.  At least at the end of the day I get to come home to them and "they" do say fondness makes the heart grow fonder, right?  
     I'm loving this baby a gazillion times more every day!
And how awesome is this?  There has been a lot less TV and a ton more reading!  It's pretty awesome.
Danny, Dad, and Jordan

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rock That Body!

We went to the mall with Kathy and Maddy the other night and while Maddy was getting her hair cut (her's is exactly the same as mine, except she has straight hair!!!!) Chad wanted to look at the sports store next door.  Jordan apparently got the urge to dance and found himself the perfect stage.  I couldn't get enough of his dancing!  He has never been a big dancer so I'm not sure where this is all coming from, but I love it!
I fell in love with the song and had to go buy it!  They are actually a band from Canada, Marianas Trench, and the song is Cross My Heart.  Emily, have you heard of them????!?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Donating My Hair!

I'm still kind of in shock that I actually cut all of my hair off yesterday...but I did it!  It's hard to get used to short hair again after having long hair for soooooo long.  I cut my hair the week I had Jordan to be really super short and then I have been growing it out since then, just getting trims here and there.  So it's been over three years since I really had a crazy haircut that someone would notice!  

I mentioned to Chad that I was thinking of getting my hair cut and he agreed that he had looked at my hair the other day and thought how long it really was.  Then I started thinking about how long my hair was and realized it might be long enough to donate.  And guess what?  It was!  I chose to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because the donated hair is made into wigs for women who have lost their hair from cancer treatment.  I have an aunt who has survived breast cancer and another aunt struggling with a brain tumor right now.  

Of course, I had to take pictures!  Here they are!  This is my long hair!  I had to blowdry it straight so I could measure it easily.  
In the chair!  Getting ready to chop it off!
 Gone!  Unfortunately even though it was still fairly long after this, I had to cut quite a bit more off to make it look normal my hair is curly...
So this is how short it ended up being!!!!  I feel kind of like a little kid, but that's okay!  I like it.  It definitely feels light.  It's going to take some getting used to, but it will grow back and hopefully someone else can enjoy my hair!