Sunday, August 29, 2010

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5k
Okay, it's been 8 weeks since Danny was born which means it's time for me to get my butt back in gear!  Believe it or not I am actually insanely excited to be able to workout again...weird, maybe, but it's the truth.  It's been over a year since I've been out on a run but I still consider myself a runner.  Anytime I talk about running with anyone I still have the runner mentality within me which has helped me realize that I have truly become a runner at heart.  It still is crazy to me because I would never have said that before college but something in college got me going and I gradually built up how long I could run and here I am telling you (again?) that I am a runner

Who else is a runner or wants to be a runner, too?  You know you want to!  Seriously, it's all about slowly building up that ability to run little by little.  That's what I did before and now I'm doing it again.  I found a 9 week training program called a couch to 5k.  I do great if someone tells me what to do and I do it so I'm excited for this.  I'm gonna take my time so I *hopefully* I stay healthy and don't overdo it.  I believe anyone can do it.  I just finished workout number 1 which was a 5 minute walking warmup, and then alternating 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.  I'm going to run a total of three times this week so I have to do this same workout two more times.

I decided to try and get out and run tonight to kick off this whole couch to 5k thing right.  So many things went through my head before I even got my shoes on...what am I going to wear? it too hot to go out? ...maybe it's too late? ...I probably don't have to start tonight, right?  I told myself I was going to just do it and I did.  Running felt so good at first, and 60 seconds is no problem.  I told myself to take my time running so I could keep it up for the 20 minutes.  It makes a huge difference to be able to stop and walk before starting up again.  I have to say the first ten minutes were easier than the last ten minutes but I just kept going and got it done.  

I've got a few goals for myself, 
here they are:
1. Complete the couch to 5k training program 
- one workout at a time!  
So far: 1 down, 27 to go!
2. Do pilates or strength training on my off days.
3. Register for a 5k on October 31st.
4. Decide and work on my costume for the race!
5. Convince at least one other person 
to run with me on the 31st!

I'm completely ecstatic to get back to running.  I've never felt more healthy than when I have been running.  My breathing is much easier (I have asthma), my body in general feels stronger, and it's such a great cardio workout when it comes to monitoring my weight.  So who's in?  Whether you live nearby or far away you can run with me on October 31st!  If you want to do it, I believe in you.  If you believe in yourself, give this a try.  I'm sending you all my running love!!!

  I'm hoping to pick my race sometime this week and I'll let you know which one I pick.  Any suggestions?  Or if you're not near me, which race did you decide to sign up for?  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blackhawk Lake Camping 2010

Just to warn you...there are a ton of pictures in this post!!!!  We went camping with my family last weekend up at Blackhawk Lake in Wisconsin.  This was our fourth time going!  I was brave enough to take Danny along!  We left super early in the morning.  We were all in a caravan making our way up to the lake.  Here are my sister and her boyfriend in his car:
And then here you can see my parents up front, my aunt, and our car!
Danny was all settled in for the ride!
Jordan was ready too!  This is a new neck pillow we bought him...but he likes to wear it as a hat!
We made it to the lake no problem this year (last year we had a flat tire and it rained us out!)  Danny had his own little one-baby tent!
One the way to the lake!
Jordan loved hanging out with his cousins all weekend and running around.  Sawyer, Wyatt, and Jordan on the boat!
Danny was even on the boat!
Chad and Jordan in the water!
On Saturday I hung out for most of the day on the shore with my mom.  Danny was just lounging around with us!
We woke up to crazy rain on Sunday morning.  We hung out in the cabin for a little bit and then started to pack up to go home!  Chad and Danny were playing on Papa's iPad.
I was loving the hot chocolate!
On the way home we always have to stop in Madison at Ella's Deli for some food and, of course, ice cream!  It's the coolest place.  Here's Jordan checking out all their cool stuff!
Jordan and I walking around to look at everything!
Papa and Gramma having ice cream!
Chad and Jordan looking at more stuff!
Yum!  Ice cream!!!
Look at this face!  I mean, how can you not stop for ice cream when you see how ecstatic this boy gets!
It was a fun trip but I was happy to be home and not having to climb into the crazy bunk beds in the cabin.  I already can't wait for next year!

Friday, August 20, 2010


On Danny's one-month birthday we took a train ride down to Chicago for the day.  Jordan is just crazy about trains so we thought it would be fun for him!
On the train!
Once we got off the train we went to check out the French market.  It was super fun but we didn't buy anything.  There was so much it was hard to decide what to buy!  From there we hopped on a water taxi.  Jordan got to go up front and in the back and look out the window.  We rode it for a few rides while I fed Danny and then we got off to eat lunch at Hannah's Bretzels.  I love Hannah's.  They have two locations downtown and their sandwiches are awesome.  Besides that they are a super green-conscious store.  Everything there is organic.  They even had a giant wall of chocolate! Yum!
After lunch we walked over to Millenium Park.  Jordan had never been!  He loved the bean!
Family portrait!
Jordan was hesitant at first, but he had his shirt off and was soaked in no time!
They also had a family festival going on with lots of cool children's museum-y things for Jordan to do.  Danny and I listened to a very cool band!  

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I discovered Naan bread at Target...they are a pita kind of flat bread but not shaped round like a pita.  We bought a garlic flavor and then made little pizzas out of them.  They were delish!  Jordan was a big helper.  I had green peppers and onions on mine and the boys had the same with pepperoni.  

Danny was just hanging out while we made pizzas!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm so crazily behind on pictures!  That's okay though!  Here's Danny getting his first bath!  He wasn't too crazy about it the first time but ever since then he just sits in the bath wide-eyed and totally content. 
Danny with a clean baby Danny!
Mr. Danny Bean
It's fun how we're doing baby stuff but at the same time doing big boy things with Jordan.  We roasted strawberry marshmallows over the stove and made S'mores!
I get a different face very time I ask him to smile it seems like!
The boys hanging out!
Danny manny

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Staycation Part The Rest

Hi everyone!  I feel like I have been absent from the blog!  I was doing so well after Danny was first born and then we started to get busier and I haven't blogged!  I actually made my first trip to the library today since before I had Danny so I'm feeling much more like myself!  Here are some pics from the rest of our staycation back in July ( really is already mid-August!!! Sheesh!).
Dad, Jordan, and Danny!
Swimming in the pool!
Danny hanging out poolside!
The Morton Arboretum was awesome.  It was so much more than I expected it to be!  If it was a little cooler and Jordan had some friends to play with, we could have easily been there all day!
There was so much for Jordan to explore!
Mom and Danny!
My little Spiderman!  Jordan had fun climbing!
After the Arboretum, we did some shopping at the outlet malls and then had dinner with our friends, the Lanzara's.  It was a lot of fun.  In the morning Chad and Jordan went swimming again and then we headed home!  I love staycations!