Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're Here! We're Here! We're Here!

I feel like a Who trying to convince all of Horton's jungle friends that we are indeed here!  This last month has proven to be insanely busy and draining.  People often comment on how I have time to get everything done that I get done...and I'm not sure how I do it.  Apparently, I haven't been able to juggle everything seeing as I haven't updated this blog in over a month!  Not to say I haven't been blogging a few times a week on my book blog and my school blog.
As I write this I am hearing loud crashes and the shuffling of things upstairs...but no crying yet, so I'm not intervening.  Chad and Jordan have lots of fun wrestling and tagging each other.  Oh, there was an "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" from Chad...and a bang...and a laugh...I think this is the life I have been dealt considering I now have three boys in my household!

At work, I hosted a senior practicum student from ISU which was a lot of work this time around.  I think it was particularly stressful because I had only been back to teaching for three weeks before she came.  I was barely in my own rhythm and trying to help her figure out her teaching.  The last two weeks have been much better.  I am ecstatic that my students are reading and sharing their reading with me.  I also have been super busy on Twitter with my teaching-Twitter friends.  It is so much fun to chat with other like-minded people!  It reminds me of being in high school when I used to go to chat rooms all the time on AOL.
Jordan is 3 1/2 and Danny is already 5 months old!  I love seeing Jordan give Danny toys and give him kisses...although he is not willing to share his eehee and will snatch it away if Danny tries to grab it.  Danny is rolling all over the place and has started some baby food.
The Christmas tree is up!  We actually have lights outside this year, too.  Jordan has been asking us to make projects with him at home (see why I'm so busy?) and today we made a reindeer by tracing and cutting out his hands and foot.  The boys went to see Santa before Thanksgiving and actually did really well!  We got a stellar smile from Jordy!
Overall, things are going well.  I like the snow but I love being cozied up inside our house when it's cold and blustery out.  Lucky for me, Chad is willing to play outside in the snow with Jordan!  (I did hurt my knee back in the end of October and I've been out of commission when it comes to fun, active!)  
I remember when we first got married our house seemed like we didn't really live here.  It was like we were just pretending at being married and living in our house, but now with kiddos, decorations...and more often than not a bit of a feels truly like a home.