Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lunch in the Park!

I'm very slowly getting caught up with blogging. I have nothing to do but I can't keep up! These pictures are from last Friday when we went to Lunch in the Park. We have gone a few times already this summer and enjoyed it. Jordan gets to play in the park, eat, and visit the ambulance, fire truck, and bookmobile. Here he is trying to play in the sand!
Chad and Jordan at our picnic spot.
Jordan with Chad's hat.
Jordan and Mommy. I'm loving this picture!
Jordan in the ambulance! I don't think he really gets what an ambulance is for. It's not very exciting inside if you ask me.

After the ambulance we went to the bookmobile and found some videos to check out. I love that Jordan likes to go look at the books there. It makes me proud!

Potty Party!!!!

I never posted pictures from Jordan's potty party! One day I just decided to try getting Jordan to go on the potty and it was going really well so the next day we had his potty party! He woke up in the morning to presents! He got a Diego toy, a potty book, and new undies! He wanted Cars and Diego underwear, and that's what he got!

All day we drank lots of juice, watched potty movies, read potty books, and went to the potty! That night we met the Garneau's at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Jordan being able to use the potty! Jordan loved running around and playing all the games with Maddy!

Papa's Back Porch!

Last week we went over to Papa's house to visit Papa and to hang out for a little bit. We all were out on their back porch. Jordan loves it there. He was looking for frogs and listening to them croak. He was having fun being goofy and playing at Papa's house.

Jordan even has his own little chair to sit on in the backporch!
Jordan was trying to touch Grandma's hair because Grandma just doesn't like people to touch her hair. It was funny to see him try and her try and stop him!
Talking to Grandma!
Jordan and Grandma!
Mom and Jordan!

Maddy May Came to Play!

One day our friend Maddy came to play with us so her mommy and daddy could go on a date! We went to the mall and ate lunch and played at Barnes and Noble then we stopped to play at the park. Afterwards, we went back to our house and watched a movie and played with our toys!

Maddy is a kung fu master!

Jordan throwing grass on Chad! Surpise, Baby!
Maddy and Jordan loved playing tag!
I'm up to bat!
We even did some finger painting!
Chad and Jen

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Train Weekend Part Two!

On Sunday, we took the train all the way from Prairie Crossing to downtown Chicago. It was a pretty long ride, especially with all the stops, but Jordan liked it. We brought the laptop so he could watch a movie on the way. We walked towards the lake and played at a park with a fountain. Afterwards we met our friends for lunch and then ice cream!

Isn't this a cool fountain? Jordan liked putting his hand in the water!
Trying to get sprayed!
It was fun to watch the water!
The hubby looking cute, as usual!
Mom and Jordan!
Jordan and I climbed a huge hill to get a close look at this statue. The best part was running really fast down the hill! Jordan was cracking up!

Train Weekend Part One!

Two weeks ago (AH!) we rode the train on Saturday and Sunday and had a fun train weekend! On Saturday we took a short trip from Libertyville to Deerfield where we walked around the Farmer's Market, played on the playground, and shopped at Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble.

Chad and Jordan waiting for the train!
Jordan and Mommy looking at the tracks.
On the train!
Choo choo!
Jordan liked looking out the window!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Frienday and Birthday!

Where has the time gone? What have we been doing? Lots, but I haven't been blogging! I'm a slacker lately. Here's where we left off: Friday, July 10th. We had a busy day planned but it rained on us so all our plans changed. We needed to get out of the house though so we went to visit the Garneau's. Jordan love getting to play at Maddy's house. Here they are having a snack! I love how Jordan is making a crazy face and Maddy just looks so mature compared to him!
Here they are making an awesome mountain with Kathy. Doesn't it look like they are discussing something important?
A little bit closer. How cool is this thing????
After Frienday, we headed over to Silo for yuuuuumy pizza and to celebrate Jane's birthday.
Jordan liked the cake, but soooo loved the frosting even more! Can you tell?
Opening presents.
Alex and Jordan playing.
Jane and me. Happy Birthday, Jane!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reading Magic

Most Recently Read Book:

Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our children Will Change Their Lives Forever

By Mem Fox

There are some great books about reading out there and this is one of them! I love Time for Bed by Mem Fox. It is such a sweet book that's perfect for bedtime. This book focuses on her enthusiasm for reading aloud to children. Her energy jumps out of this book. I love the general no-nonsense ideas that just make reading to children seem to common sense. It totally is, but it's refreshing to just read someone say it and explain it so matter-of-factly that it just makes sense. There are some really cute cartoons, too. I am excited to share her ideas with the parents of my students. I think a parent could relate to this book. That is just one reason I enjoyed it so much. I literally read it in one day, it was just awesome. My only complaint is that I can't find her website online! It seems like it's gone! Where are you, Ms. Fox!

Love You, Papa!

Yesterday my dad had surgery (we drove all the way downtown to Rush in Chicago!) but he made it and he's home now! We are hoping he is feeling better. Poor Jordan is worried about Papa. We are thinking about you and we love you, Papa!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

South Loop Chocolate Tour

Woo hoo! Last week, Chad and I were fortunate enough to be invited to go on the very first South Loop Chicago Chocolate Tour!!! We were so excited for a night out and with chocolate! Bonus! I was kind of caught up in eating chocolate, I barely took any pictures, but I do have a few!

We started at Canady Le Chocolatier, which I have to say is absolutely awesome. The owner himself was there to welcome us and talk to us about chocolate. A lot of it was over my head, but it made me completely respect him and his chocolates having heard lots about the process of making chocolate. Look at this case of chocolate! I could have eaten the whole thing! The craziest part is, we live over an hour away...but I have been back twice already since the tour! We sampled his gelato and had to go back. Have you ever heard of blood orange gelato? Well, now you have and you better go get some! This place rocks!
This is a plate of yummy chocolate concoctions from Panozzo's. We would have loved to actually eat or buy some of their Italian food...but the chocolate was great.
Here we are at Three Peas Art Lounge. This place was really cool. It's an art lounge with drinks and cupcakes. The art on display was all about motherhood which I thought was really cool. They do change their art, but I was digging the motherhood display, uh, and the cupcakes!
Here is the link for the Chicago Chocolate Tours Photo Gallery so you can see more pictures from last week! I also strongly recommend that if your headed to Chicago you see if you can go on one of the Chicago Chocolate Tours!!! They are awesome!

The Dragon's Eye

Most Recently Read Book:

The Dragon's Eye - The Dragonology Chronicles

By Dugald A. Steer

It seems like I started this book forever ago and then got stalled! I really liked this book, I just seemed to have gotten sidetracked. Today, I got back to it though and I finished it. I think young readers would really enjoy this book. Steer actually edited the book Dragonology which is more of a "nonfiction" collection of information all about dragons. From there, he wrote this series, which starts with The Dragon's Eye. I love the idea of students reading something nonfiction...or at least something that represents the style of nonfiction writing and then bridging that reading with reading fiction.

The story is about a brother and sister whose parents are off somewhere and send them to live with a friend, Dr. Drake, for the summer. Once there, they find out they are going to be attending Dr. Drake's summer school to learn about dragons. They end up thrown into an adventure to find the dragon's eye before it gets into the wrong hands.

I like the adventure in this book. When they get to ride a dragon for the first time it had me right there with them. It reminded me a little bit of Eragon, I think if a student read this book he or she would enjoy Eragon when he or she was a little older. I read online that some people suggested that Dragon's Eye reminded them of Series of Unfortunate Events. I have also read that series and I kind of see the similarities, but I have to say there are great differences as well. Yes, the children are on their own and put into the care of strangers, but these characters are put into the care of someone who genuinely cares for them and is intelligent and invested enough to responsibly take care of them. There is a bad buy who is out to get them, but this villain, also, is more intelligent (in some regards at least, ultimately, he does make mistakes that lead to his demise). This book is not as dark and depressing as Series of Unfortunate Events. I have to add, this book is a much easier read compared to Series of Unfortunate Events just thinking about language and implied meaning but I think still as engaging.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Most Recently Read Book:

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words


This was a really cool writing book. The entire book consists of pictures and little snippets of discussion about writing and ideas for what to write about in relation to the picture. The author does a great job of hitting on so many different points of writing, even some that I had never heard of. One example is "macguffin" which is actually hard to explain, but really cool! If you click the link you can see what Wikipedia says about it. I got some great ideas from this book that I can use or adapt a little bit for my students. If you are looking to use these activities with students, I think they are more appropriate for at least high school or adult writers more than for kids or young adult readers. I love the idea of using images to get ideas though! Very cool!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming With Daddy

Last week I took some pictures of Jordan and Chad swimming (before the lifeguard told me cameras are not allowed in the waterpark!). Jordan will ask Chad to swim with him. It's so cute how he's asking us so many things now and holding conversations. It's really sweet. These boys have so much fun together!