Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Yummy Chocolate Happens to Good Children

It was a crazy weekend last weekend!  We had Jordan's 4th birthday party with friends at the Sears Centre.  We were able to get two suites so we could see Thomas on Stage.  It was fun! On Saturday, we went to Rockford to have lunch with Chad's mom and then go to our friend's 8th birthday - at a roller rink!  Jordan was a champ on skates.  Finally, to top it all off, Sunday was Easter.  Jordan was high on sugar all weekend, it seemed!  I just uploaded pictures from the camera and these were too funny not to share!

He's so funny this kid.  He reminds me of his dad.  I love his faces.  Today in the car I said something and he smacked his face with his hand.  His whole hand just covered his face and he rolled his eyes.  I thought boys weren't supposed to be drama???

Friday, April 8, 2011

La Mamita

My grandma, Mamita, has been here since December from Guatemala.  She came last spring and stayed for Danny to be born and then went back to Guatemala...but she's back again!  We love her so much.  I think anyone who knows her, has met her, or has heard anyone talk about her just loves her.  She's a great lady and she's so much fun.  
Jordan said to me last week that he's not afraid of Mamita anymore.  We went to pick her up and he was excited to tell me that he isn't afraid of her like he used to be.  He's so cute.  She came over and was asking me what Jordan wanted for his birthday.  He can't get enough of Toy Story right now so here he is showing her a picture of Woody in his Toy Story chapter book!
 Jordan and I were talking about taking pictures of his Toy Story toys so we can create a Bingo game to play at his birthday party...I think he got excited and started taking pictures without me!
 He's also having a lot of fun with my Dr. Seuss stuffed animals that Chad brought in from the garage.  I guess, technically, they are Jordy's because my friend, Krystie, gave them to!...for his baby shower.  I love them so much and we've kept them really nice.  I'd like to take them to school, but for now Jordan is loving them.  More pics a la Jordan:
 Sam I Am!  Green Eggs and Ham anyone?
 More toys.  I love finding pictures on the camera that Jordan has taken...except for those he snapped when I was still in bed and it was dark and the flash was going all crazy in my eyes...those I most certainly did not like!
 Here's one Jordan took of Mamita!  She's amazing.  Her and I have been talking about Pablo Neruda and his poems lately!  She knows a ton of his poems by heart.  As a kid, she read every book she could get her hands on at her local library.  AND, she played basketball, too!
 I love this one!  She was goofing around with Jordan and he caught this pic!  She better watch out or he's going to be scared of her again!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

It's all about the boys at our houses.  I can't get away from them...not that I want to.  Danny got sick Sunday and isn't doing so great.  Poor baby.  I got to snuggle with him lots today after work but it makes me sad to see him so miserable but not able to do anything to help him.  I just thought I would post this super cute picture of him before he got sick.  I'm sending out healthy vibes to him so he gets better soon!
 And I have more bean pictures!  These bean pictures are from last weekend when we went downtown to see Green Eggs and Hamadeus.  Actually, Jordan and Chad went and I sat and read in Caribou-Coffee-bliss across the street from Millennium Park.  It was fun!  We had gelato to top it all off!

I love standing under the bean and seeing all the little teeny tiny reflections!