Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book Fair Festivities!

After an amazing long weekend with my Twitter family at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville and the NCTE conference in Chicago, I was still able to spend today with my real-life family. I can't even explain the love I felt at the train station when I opened the car door to put my stuff in the trunk and Jordan and Danny both screamed, "Mom!!!" Their little smiling faces are so sweet.

Then we went home and it was all changing diapers and reading books and bedtime and back to real life. It almost seems like my weekend away was a dream.

Today, we went to Barnes and Noble for the book fair for Chad's school. Barnes and Noble hosts it every year and there are activities and story times throughout the day. Chad was the first teacher to read. I spent a lot of time running after Danny. He would pull out a bunch of books and then take off running while I tried to frantically put the books away and race after him. We rode up and down the escalators a few time, too. That was fun.
Jordan and Maddy listening to Chad read
While Chad was reading, Jordan got to hang out with one of his best friends, Maddy. Jordan and Maddy have known each other their whole lives (well, Jordan's whole life since Maddy is older) and for a while saw each other almost every single week. Doesn't this picture of them just kill you? I cried when I saw it. Maddy's dad took it and showed it to me. They are awesome. So glad we have friends like this. What would life be without friends and family to share it with? Thanksgiving is coming up but I'm always thankful for my friends and family any day of the week.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Live Waldo!

Jordan and I worked on the computer the other night and came up with Where's Waldo avatars for our family! Looking at them all lined up now is so funny! Chad is first - he looks super trendy and hip and young (which he totally is in real life!). He's jamming to his iPod. Danny is next in the green. I love his crazy hair and his little stocking cap. He's holding his sippy cup. Of course, it's easy to tell who I am. I have my flower in my hair and am holding my cell phone so I can tweet. And Jordan is last with his red and black stripes. He wanted to hold the key...I didn't ask him what he thought the key would be for...but he does have a little car that you put a key into and then can make it zoom off.

Aren't we such a cute Waldo-ish family? I love it! Next year is the 25th anniversaty of Where's Waldo! I'm not sure how many kids still recognize Waldo any more - but they should! We used to love poring through the books looking for all the different characters. Jordan likes the Where's Waldo app we have. Long live, Waldo!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

This week went really fast! It was kind of hard having Halloween on a Monday. We were already tired from the weekend and celebrating Halloween at my parents' and then we were busy again with Halloween on Monday night. We just took the kids trick-or-treating around our little part of the neighborhood. Jordan was Captain Rex from the Clone Wars (Star Wars) and Danny was Elmo!

I am insanely in love with Pinterest lately! I saw these cute pudding monsters on there and the mummy chocolate bars and just had to make them!

Jordan with his red pudding monster!

 How cute are these guys! We went them to school and daycare with the boys to hand out. It was fun to wrap them up and put their eyeballs on! I love googly eyes!!!!