Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Un-Boring Revisited

I'm revisiting my 2012 Un-Boring List so I can reveal my 2013 Un-Boring List! I loved so much about 2012! Looking back at these pictures and the fun we had is nice...but it only captures some of the adventures of this year. Which makes me realize I need to get back to blogging here...making a note to add that at the top of my 2013 Un-Boring List.

What s the Un-Boring list all about? Here's a review: My friend, Alison, declared 2011 a year of fun and created an un-boring list for herself. When I visited her in August of 2011 in Boston, I got to witness her cross off glassblowing from her list. There is something really cool about actively deciding to take hold of your life and make it fun. Since high school, I have been a very reflective person. Everyday, I take time to think about what I love about life and what I am so grateful for. I decided  to take Alison's lead and to make an Un-Boring List of my own for 2012
Alison and I in Boston, August 2011
Here's a recap of my 2012 list:
#1 - Go on a cruise *check*

#2 - Take French lessons - not accomplished

#3 - Go on a Segway tour *check*

#4 - Visit a butterfly garden *check*

#5 - Host a book swap
*kind of accomplished - we did a holiday book swap at work - although it wasn't really my idea - not accomplished after all*

#6 – Go to Mall of America *check*

#7 – Go to a Bulls game *check*

#8 – Picnic and play at Michigan Dunes - not accomplished
*but we did go to Kids Read Comics in Michigan...*

#9 – Makeover an old bridesmaid dress *check*
I fancied up my Maid of Honor dress from my sister's wedding...totally forgot to take pictures though!

#10 – Make a pie *check*

#11 – Grow herbs and a tomato plant *check*
(well...some little critter ate my herbs but hooray tomatoes!*

#12 – Volunteer for Sophia’s Heart - not accomplished

Yay for a year of fun! I'm looking forward to more fun in 2013!