Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

It's all about the boys at our houses.  I can't get away from them...not that I want to.  Danny got sick Sunday and isn't doing so great.  Poor baby.  I got to snuggle with him lots today after work but it makes me sad to see him so miserable but not able to do anything to help him.  I just thought I would post this super cute picture of him before he got sick.  I'm sending out healthy vibes to him so he gets better soon!
 And I have more bean pictures!  These bean pictures are from last weekend when we went downtown to see Green Eggs and Hamadeus.  Actually, Jordan and Chad went and I sat and read in Caribou-Coffee-bliss across the street from Millennium Park.  It was fun!  We had gelato to top it all off!

I love standing under the bean and seeing all the little teeny tiny reflections!


Laraf123 said...

We've never been to the Bean! I gotta take the boys! Hope Danny is feeling much better today, poor guy. Green Eggs and Hamadeus? Haven't heard of that--is it still running?

Emily Jane said...

Oh I loved the bean when I was in Chicago!! I hope Danny is feeling better soon! (Also we need to set up a Skype date, sorry for being MIA!)

Laura said...

Oh I love the bean! How fun to take the boys.

Sorry to hear Danny was sick. Never fun to have sick kids.

Counting down the days until school gets out? Hope you are well.