Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Live Waldo!

Jordan and I worked on the computer the other night and came up with Where's Waldo avatars for our family! Looking at them all lined up now is so funny! Chad is first - he looks super trendy and hip and young (which he totally is in real life!). He's jamming to his iPod. Danny is next in the green. I love his crazy hair and his little stocking cap. He's holding his sippy cup. Of course, it's easy to tell who I am. I have my flower in my hair and am holding my cell phone so I can tweet. And Jordan is last with his red and black stripes. He wanted to hold the key...I didn't ask him what he thought the key would be for...but he does have a little car that you put a key into and then can make it zoom off.

Aren't we such a cute Waldo-ish family? I love it! Next year is the 25th anniversaty of Where's Waldo! I'm not sure how many kids still recognize Waldo any more - but they should! We used to love poring through the books looking for all the different characters. Jordan likes the Where's Waldo app we have. Long live, Waldo!


Mom said...

This is so funny, I love it. You guys loved Where is Waldo. You are a cute Waldo family.

Avi Jit said...

funny man