Monday, March 21, 2011

My Cuties

Is anyone else in love with the Cuties - those adorable little oranges that are so easy to peel and so yummy to devour?  I'm loving them.  But this post is really about my cuties: my Jordan and my Danny.  I love them so much.  I had a meeting after school and then went to an author signing so I didn't even get to see them tonight.  Bummer.  I can at least gaze at their pictures before bed!
 Jordan and I jumped out of the car to take Flat Stanley to the bean on Saturday. Here he is in Millennium Park! It was fun!
 Danny spotted another baby in the house and crawled over to say hi!  He was entranced!

 I'm loving life with these two kiddos. I can't get enough of their smiles!
What's making you smile lately?


Emily Janea said...

Your photos are making me smile! You always have the most adorable shots... they are going to make quite the wedding slideshow one day :)

Emily Jane said...

Oops I can't spell my own name! lol!!

Aunt Jacquie said...

Aww! They are too cute! =D I love these boys so much!

Laraf123 said...

Love their smiles! (And that other baby is cute, too :)

Grandma said...

They make me smile, I love them too.

Rachel Neil said...

fascinated with mirrors?
i used to have a cat that was fascinated by his reflection in the mirror.

Ashley said...

They. Are. So. Cute.

I just died.
Seriously. Dead.

Stephanie said...

LOVE the mirror pictures Jen! Very cute!!!