Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gaff Giveaway! and Me Update

For all of My Front Porch followers, I am hosting a giveaway over Teach Mentor Texts starting today!  Don't miss out!  I got to interview the author and gain some really cool insight into her life as a the giveaway!  Gotta love it!

It's finally a beautiful sunny day here!  I'm so excited!  Jordan will be at his mini-preschool camp this morning...while I get a fun mom morning.  I'm cashing in my free beverage at Starbucks, getting a pedicure, and then roaming Target.  It's going to be fun.  I also have a great book to finish (YA) and one that looks really good to pick up at the library.  That's only the morning.  

We've been slowly getting more and more ready for our new baby to come.  I have my hospital bag pretty much packed.  I did a couple loads of laundry with Deft (love it!) and even found some drawers that can be solely for the baby.  Jordan's drawers need to be figured out a little bit, I did make piles of his clothes but I hate transitioning from cooler weather to warmer weather.  We have a bucket that I got at my shower from my aunt, Guise, filled with the new baby toys and books just for the baby.  Jordan has been talking more and more about the baby.  I have noticed that he's been pretty snuggly with us lately.  He gives us lots of hugs and snuggles.  I think he realizes things are going to change when the baby comes.   I think that baby is getting ready to come...I've had cramps the last few nights/days which should mean I'm dilating at least a little bit.  My next appointment is tomorrow (Thursday) so we'll see then what my Dr. says.  Exciting times!


Laura said...

Your day sounds so dreamy! Have a great date with yourself.

Sounds like that baby could come sooner than later!

Laraf123 said...

Nice to have a little "me time" while Jordan is at preschool. This morning I got a call that Henry's class was cancelled--they won't let him attend the 4 year class so now we have to find another activity for him. Or not. Take it easy and enjoy!

Kathy Lou said...

It is so hard to get through the last few days! I was very impatient, waiting, waiting, waiting.

The Millers said...

Your morning sounds wonderful!!!!! I need one like that soon! When you said you were starting to get cramps and probably were dialating - I got nervous like I do before a race. I can't believe our babies will be here so soon! It seems like they should just stay in our bellies for ever! haha!I guess they have to come out, but for some reason I am SOOOO nervous these last couple of days. I need to get a baby book and study. haha! Love ya!