Thursday, June 3, 2010

Water Park Mania!

I cannot even being to describe to you how elated I am that the water park is open now!  We had a great time there on Saturday and Sunday!  We get season passes so we can go whenever we want for as long (or short) as we want.  It's awesome.  It's perfect that it's barely a five minute drive, too.  

On Monday I convinced Chad to take us to Great American to try their water park because we've never been...but it poured on us...I'll post a pic of that later.  We did, however, get to the water park on Tuesday night after work.  I just love it.  I especially love it being as pregnant as I am because my belly floats and it doesn't weigh me down and make me tired and whiny like it does when I'm out of the water!  

Here's my little peanut sitting in the water!  You can tell by his smile that he loves the water park, too!

Jordan and mom


Laraf123 said...

Jordan looks like such a natural in the water! Great idea to get season passes! I always say I'll look into it but never do. We go in the late afternoon when the park district charges half price.

Kathy Lou said...

We made it to the water park here on Sunday. I am looking forward to a summer of in the pool!

Emily Jane said...

Oh it sounds like SO much fun!! Love the pics :D

Stephanie said...

He looks like he is having a blast!

Kristi said...

Looks like so much fun! I am sure you are enjoying the water in the heat being preggo!! Our water park is like 30 minutes away! We are definatly going this year because Bailey is actually big enough to enjoy it!