Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm so crazily behind on pictures!  That's okay though!  Here's Danny getting his first bath!  He wasn't too crazy about it the first time but ever since then he just sits in the bath wide-eyed and totally content. 
Danny with a clean baby Danny!
Mr. Danny Bean
It's fun how we're doing baby stuff but at the same time doing big boy things with Jordan.  We roasted strawberry marshmallows over the stove and made S'mores!
I get a different face very time I ask him to smile it seems like!
The boys hanging out!
Danny manny


Emily Jane said...

Great pics!! Is it wrong of me to admit I've never had a Smore?

Laraf123 said...

It looks like Danny is going to have beautiful brown eyes like his brother! Jordan looks very relaxed around the baby--hooray!