Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blackhawk Lake Camping 2010

Just to warn you...there are a ton of pictures in this post!!!!  We went camping with my family last weekend up at Blackhawk Lake in Wisconsin.  This was our fourth time going!  I was brave enough to take Danny along!  We left super early in the morning.  We were all in a caravan making our way up to the lake.  Here are my sister and her boyfriend in his car:
And then here you can see my parents up front, my aunt, and our car!
Danny was all settled in for the ride!
Jordan was ready too!  This is a new neck pillow we bought him...but he likes to wear it as a hat!
We made it to the lake no problem this year (last year we had a flat tire and it rained us out!)  Danny had his own little one-baby tent!
One the way to the lake!
Jordan loved hanging out with his cousins all weekend and running around.  Sawyer, Wyatt, and Jordan on the boat!
Danny was even on the boat!
Chad and Jordan in the water!
On Saturday I hung out for most of the day on the shore with my mom.  Danny was just lounging around with us!
We woke up to crazy rain on Sunday morning.  We hung out in the cabin for a little bit and then started to pack up to go home!  Chad and Danny were playing on Papa's iPad.
I was loving the hot chocolate!
On the way home we always have to stop in Madison at Ella's Deli for some food and, of course, ice cream!  It's the coolest place.  Here's Jordan checking out all their cool stuff!
Jordan and I walking around to look at everything!
Papa and Gramma having ice cream!
Chad and Jordan looking at more stuff!
Yum!  Ice cream!!!
Look at this face!  I mean, how can you not stop for ice cream when you see how ecstatic this boy gets!
It was a fun trip but I was happy to be home and not having to climb into the crazy bunk beds in the cabin.  I already can't wait for next year!


Laraf123 said...

What a fun trip! Danny looks so comfortable in the outdoors. I would have never been brave enough to take either of my babies camping. (But then, my family dynamic is A LOT different than yours.) I can't believe how big Danny looks but I can believe how happy Jordan is with his ice cream!

Stephanie said...

You are such a brave Mama Jen! I want to be relaxed like you when I have kids and keep doing what I want to do and take my kids everywhere! Your boys are so lucky to have you.

Aunt Jacquie said...

Great pictures! Jen!!! What a fun camping trip!

Stephany said...

Your boys are so cute! I love that little tent your baby was sleeping perfect!

Laura said...

I gotta tell you I'm so impressed with how much you are doing with such a young baby! I think it's awesome. I remember just leaving my house to go to my moms felt like a big accomplishment, and you are full on camping. Jen you are simply amazing. I can't tell you enough!

Emily Jane said...

What a great trip! I love how you take the boys everywhere and do so much stuff... they are going to have amazing childhood memories! :)

Josh Healy said...

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Robert Benassi said...

What a memorable trip. I love the photos of Jordan and Danny. The last photo of Jordan is sooo cute.