Friday, August 20, 2010


On Danny's one-month birthday we took a train ride down to Chicago for the day.  Jordan is just crazy about trains so we thought it would be fun for him!
On the train!
Once we got off the train we went to check out the French market.  It was super fun but we didn't buy anything.  There was so much it was hard to decide what to buy!  From there we hopped on a water taxi.  Jordan got to go up front and in the back and look out the window.  We rode it for a few rides while I fed Danny and then we got off to eat lunch at Hannah's Bretzels.  I love Hannah's.  They have two locations downtown and their sandwiches are awesome.  Besides that they are a super green-conscious store.  Everything there is organic.  They even had a giant wall of chocolate! Yum!
After lunch we walked over to Millenium Park.  Jordan had never been!  He loved the bean!
Family portrait!
Jordan was hesitant at first, but he had his shirt off and was soaked in no time!
They also had a family festival going on with lots of cool children's museum-y things for Jordan to do.  Danny and I listened to a very cool band!  


Laraf123 said...

One of these days I have to take Henry to see the bean--I bet he would love it! For that matter, he'd love Metra--he's never been on one of their trains.

Looks like a great family day!

Emily Jane said...

Looks like a fantastic day!! I love how happy Jordan is in all the pictures :)