Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Rewind

Hello again blogosphere! I never posted any Christmas pictures.  I don't have that many, somehow I feel like I take a lot of pictures but then when I look at them they all seem the really can only take so many pictures of kids opening presents.  I do have a few cute ones though.  

Our Christmas tradition is to celebrate Christmas Eve with our extended family.  My aunts, uncles, and cousins all come over and we stay up until midnight.  This year my Grandma, Mamita, was here with us!  We love when she is here.  Isn't she sweet?  
Our midnight tradition comes from Guatemala, where my mom is from.  They stay up until midnight there and then light fireworks outside.  When they go back inside, Santa has visited and they open presents and eat tamales.  This picture is Mamita, Jordan, and my mom Skyping with my uncle and his family in Guatemala. How fun is that!?
Jordan loved all of his presents...and he got a lot of them.  He even liked his new Spiderman undies that were in his stocking! 
Santa also brought this mini-sandbox with all sorts of construction tools and gadgets to play with.  (This was a cool toy until we got it home and more and more sand is finding it's way onto the floor...although it does remind me of being on the, sand is bad!)

Jordan getting ready to open more presents.  I love his Christmas jammies. 
Danny just loved being around everyone and loves this seat toy my parents have.  Here he is looking into a mirror.  I love how enthralled he is.
 Jordan helped Danny open his presents.  He's such a great brother!  Of course, Danny love to watch everything his big brother does.
 Jordan squeezing out from under the Christmas tree.  He was a great help passing out presents.  This year, I printed out pictures of everyone and taped them onto presents so he could hand them out himself. It worked great and he was proud of himself.
 Every year since Jordan's first Christmas we get new pajamas on Christmas Eve so we can sleep and wake up in our Christmas jammies.  The boys had matching jammies this year...with skulls on them!  That's how it is with boys, never dreamed skull Santas would exist, but yes, they do, even for babies!

And that was our Christmas!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday, whatever you celebrate!  


Aunt Jacquie said...

Awww! I love the pictures! =D Too cute!

Emily Jane said...

Wonderful photos as always, I ADORE Jordan laughing in the last one and the one of Danny and the mirror! I love your midnight tradition. I was introduced to David's family's French-Canadian tradition of having the entire side of the family over until about 2 in the morning eating "Tortiere" (sort of meat pie), except everyone speaks in French and I'm not quite there yet!

So happy to see you back around here!!

Laraf123 said...

Great photos--I love the one of Danny looking in the mirror! That's a great idea to print out photo gift tags--why didn't I think of that! Thanks for sharing these great pics!

Kathy Lou said...

Love the scull santa jammies! Good luck with the sand, may it magically disappear.

Timekeeper said...

Mrs. Vincent, you have a beautiful family. I saw in your profile you teach kids with hearing problems. I have a daughter, 51, who is a high school principal and just now learned I didn't get through the sixth grade because of the lack of hearing. I had a ringing in my ear from a blow from my father. They didn't have special teachers when I came along.
I'm reading Oliver Twist and loving it. I never go to bed without a book. It is strange; the things I hated as a child, (reading) has become a comfort in old-man-hood. I found new worlds in books, places where I belong.
I started writing in my early 50s. I have several books that are published. I say that only to encourage the downhearted reader. Please visit my blog and read sample chapters of Timekeeper 1 and Timekeeper II. TK one is adult reading, about my childhood, but TK II is from 6th grade up. Also I wrote a thriller, Dark Shadows Red Bayou, for boys with a short attention span. I haven't gotten feedback on that one to see if I made the grade.
Again, you have beautiful family.
John Atkinson