Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Around the House

Are you ready for more pictures of my boys?  Here they come!  First, I have to show a picture of Jordan's bed all made.  One day, he came downstairs to tell us he had cleaned his room and when we went up to see what he had done, this is it.  He made his bed.  I thought it was too sweet for words.  He's growing up so much and more and more independent all the time.
Here's a close up of his pillow pets and one of our Build-A-Bear bears. 
It's funny now to think back to when I was pregnant and Jordan really wanted a sister.  They are such great brothers and it's obvious that they love each other.  Jordan is so kind to Danny and Danny just loves to see what his brother is up to.
Jordan is always able to make Danny laugh!
Danny is full of smiles.  He is just so fun to play with.
He's thinking more and more about crawling but hasn't started just yet.  I had to take this picture with the puppy dog on his butt.  I love baby clothes!
Not much else going on around here right now...oh!  Except for Idol did start.  I wasn't sure if I would like this season now that the judges are Randy, JLo and Steven Tyler, but I'm actually really enjoying it. I have always loved Jennifer Lopez.  She's just so sweet and fun.  Steven Tyler is actually very entertaining himself.  American Idol talks about people having some kind of spark or personality about them more than being able to sing and that is definitely what comes to mind when I see Steven Tyler.  Yes, he can sing, but he just seems like fun to me, and smart, too.  I'm excited to watch tonight!


Laura said...

Ah Jen I love you and your blog. I'm glad you are posting a bit more.

Your boys are so so so cute. I've told you once and I'll tell you again and again Danny is such a mini CHAD!

PS I haven't watched ONE episode of IDOL. So sad. I so want to see J. Lo and Steven Tyler.

Yvonne said...

I love these pictures. They are so cute!

Mom said...

Hi Jen, I miss my boys, I just love these pictures. I can't wait to you guys again.

Now about Idol, I like it too. I really like Jennifer L and Steven as judges, it will be a fun season.