Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall 2011 (So Far...)

It's October and October means fall to me! Last weekend we celebrated at my sister's wedding. She was excited that the leaves were changing colors because their whole wedding was fall themed. I love my blog and being able to share all the fun things we do. I haven't been so great at scrapbooking lately so at least by doing this I can chronicle what we're doing...but that means I have to keep up with my blog. This is it. I'm officially back. Here's some pics from last weekend!
The bride getting her nails done! 
Jordan and my mom at the rehearsal - he was the ring bearer!
Hanging out before the ceremony - Jordan with Aunt Jacquie
My cousin, Silvia, and I
There was a photographer with us most of the day. I felt fancy!
Aunt Jane with Jordan 
Jordan with Grandma
Me with my sister
After the wedding, we spent the weekend relaxing. We actually took the kids to a water park hotel near us. It was a totally free weekend. We were so busy there was no time to think about anything besides having fun. We had fun jumping in the leaves! 
Danny! He's 15 months now! So much fun. 
Jordan - I love his sweet smile!

My boys! Chad with Jordan and Danny
There will be more to come! October is such a fun month. Fall is such a beautiful season. My mom's friend, Betty, was visiting from Guatemala for the wedding last week and she had never seen the leaves changing colors before. I love when the leaves change but it gave me a whole new perspective to think about never having ever seen them before!


Laraf123 said...

Love this update--your family is so much fun!

Ashley said...

I LOVE how each of the boys looks like each of you! Crazy!!

So many books, so little time said...

Just passing through, nice to see people are still doing family orientated blogs - beautiful pictures!


Laura said...

I love weddings! How wonderful for your sister. And your entire family looks so beautiful in all the pictures.