Saturday, October 22, 2011

If You Ain't Here to Party

I went to an "assembly" at work this week. It was a collection of great people in our district talking about teacher effectiveness.  We did an activity where we had to decide if we were mostly a north, south, east, or west kind of person. I'm warning you, this is pretty crazy-true and it freaked me out a bit. I felt connected to recognize my personality but have also be contemplating what it means all week! Don't be wishy washy, you have to pick only one! (I also color coded them, there is a similar personality test that links you with a color.)

Here are the breakdowns:

North - Acting - Likes to take action, try things, plunge in. "Let's do it!" 

East - Speculating - Likes to look at the big picture and the possibilities before acting.

South - Caring - Likes to know that everyone's feelings have been taken into consideration and that their voices have been heard before acting.

West - Pay attention to detail - Likes to know the who, what, where, when, and why before acting.

Can you tell which one I am? I'm totally a north. I actually love being a north. I think norths have a lot of fun. You know what I just realized? My grandmother on my dad's side of the family was a North; that was her family name. That's crazy.

Anyway, I am definitely the kind of person who jumps into things. Then I become more of a west and stop to think of all the elements to get things done right, but I am first and foremost a north. I really like who I am in that sense. I love that I have the energy and will to just go and do things. I definitely think of myself as a leader. I feel like I get things done. Knowing I am a north did make me stop and realize the other directions that I don't identify with as easily. I consider myself to be a caring person and I do take others into account, but sometimes it's hard for me to understand why people aren't on board with me. This helped me recognize that others just think differently before jumping into things.

My north-ish self has adopted this song as my anthem. This is how I'm feeling about life right now! I'm a north and I'm here to party! Let's do it!!!

What personality do you think you match up with? Do you feel like you can fit into one? Does it change your perspective about people? Where do your family members fit? I think this is to intriguing!!

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Odie said...

I am reading the curious case of the dog in the night to my son out loud and loving it.