Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Sports Hubby

In an effort to post something non-kid related I have a hubby-related post for you today!  He's a sports maniac, but I mean that in a nice way.  I love that he's so invested in the sports that he loves: football and basketball.  While he knows enough about other sports, too, he's the expert on football and basketball.

Now that "our" football season is done (the Bears lost in the playoffs the weekend before last), he's moved onto watching the Bulls.  I hear about all the players for the Bulls, but it seems like more and more I've heard him talking about Kyle Korver.  Kyle Korver is new to the Bulls this year but seems to be one of their go-to shooters.  Chad tells me all about how they get him open, get him the ball and how effective he is at making the shots when he needs to.  When I watch, I notice him running around like crazy trying to get open to get a pass and make that shot, but it's fun to watch.

If you haven't heard of Kyle Korver before there's one more thing to point out about him...and apparently, he's not so happy that people make this connection with him...but I have to talk about it.  He looks like Ashton Kutcher!  Not so important when it comes to his impact as a player, but for this Ashton Kutcher fan it's definitely worthy of being pointed out.  I, personally, think it's cool that we have a Bulls player who looks like Ashton.  What do you think?
This picture (thanks to TMZ) might not be the best picture to compare the two of them and if you're so keen you can type in Korver and Kutcher and you'll get more images of how closely the two resemble each other.

Like I said, I love that he's into sports.  I think it's great that he has something in his life that he is so invested in.  I have my books...mounds and mounds of books, which can be found all over the house, as Chad so nicely pointed out the other day.  What are you into?  What consumes you?  What could you not live without (apart from your family...)?

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Kathy Lou said...

Wow, I think they look just alike. If he doesn't like the comparison then he should cut his hair.