Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kids' Christmas Party

On Sunday, Jordan was invited over to the Garneau's for a kiddo Christmas party! First, we all went to see the Wonderland Express at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. We tried to get the kids to stand and take a picture and then before we knew it they were playing Ring Around the Rosie! They are so fun!
They seemed in awe of the trains and all the decorations once they finally got to the actually train room. Isn't this a cute picture? Alex, Jordan, and Maddy!
The Botanic Gardens makes all sorts of Chicago landmarks out of things from nature. It's like the Rose Parade in a room. Here's Soldier Field!
Silvia and I. (Jordan refused to take a picture with me...)
Here's the Michael Jordan statue outside of the old Chicago stadium (I cropped out the stadium).
Chad had to keep picking up Jordan because he wanted to see the trains go by up high on the bridges. Tried to get him to smile but he was so captivated by the stuff around him!
Alex and Jordan waiting for the train to come around.
This is Navy Pier and the ferris wheel where we got engaged!
Any guesses? What Chicago building is this? It's the Newberry Library. I'm a dork, I know. I mainly took the picture because it's where Henry DeTamble works from Time Traveler's Wife.
Here are the dads and the kids looking at the Thomas train! Alex, Jordan, Maddy, Rob, Chad, and Marc!
Then we went back to the Garneau's for a delicious lunch and treats like caramel corn and pumpkin bread. The kids played and got to open their presents!!! It was so much fun. Jordan was extremely pooped by the time we left and fell asleep right away in the car!


Laraf123 said...

What is the Wonderland Express? What are we missing?!! I just love Jordan's smile!

Emily Jane said...

You are my hero for taking a picture of the Newberry!! :)

And I LOVE that pic of Chad and Jordan - you can tell how terribly excited he is!!

Looks like a wonderful day :) Aaaand, I saw the Michael Jordan statue!

Kathy Lou said...

That was a fun day. I love the picture of the dads holding the kids on their shoulders. I need another week to savor the moments before it's all over.

mom said...

So cute! I have never been there in the winter, it looks like fun, specially with the kids. I am sure it was very special for them. You guys do so many fun things with them, they are very lucky.