Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sledding with Dad!

On Saturday, Chad had to make a stop at Toys R Us and he spotted the sleds. We had just driven by the big hill at the park district and there were lots of kids there so he bought a sled to take Jordan sledding for the first time! After nap we got all bundled up and headed out. Poor Jordan was all wrapped up and Mom made him wear a scarf...but how adorable is this picture?
Chad pulled Jordan up the hill a few times.
And Jordan had so much fun and wanted to keep going up again and again, he did even walk up a few times on his own. How classic is this picture?
Home from sledding!
Check out that huge smile!


Stephanie said...

I absolutely love the picture of daddy and son walking up the hill together. You are right. That is truly classic. And I think deserving of a frame....or at least desktop background! Did you have hot chocolate and marshmallows afterwards? That is always what we did after being out in the snow. Mini marshmallows you could push around in your drink!

Kathy Lou said...

Wonderful pictures! Very, very sweet.

Emily Jane said...

Oh these pictures are just wonderful, you can tell how happy he was!! :)

Laraf123 said...

Love these photos--what a great time the two boys had!

Mom said...

Fun, fun! I'll have to come watch next time. I can't wait to see Jordan's face and smiles.