Friday, February 5, 2010

Chasing The Bear

Most Recently Read Book:

Chasing The Bear

By Robert B. Parker

I randomly picked this book up because I saw it on the shelf at the library and it looked intriguing. It's so not close to the kind of books I usually read, but it looked interesting. This book is actually written as the back-story for a character named Spense. Apparently, a whole series of books has been written based on this private investigator and this book tells us his story, about his childhood and what shaped him when he was growing up. I liked that this book was written between the present and the past. I liked the plot of what was happening. My only complaint is there was tons of dialogue with the anchors, "he said" or "she said". There was barely any variety when it came to that. It started to get annoying after a while...there were times when someone asked a question or whispered and it said, "said". Otherwise, I really liked the character and may actually read some of the other books to see what this guy is all about as an adult.

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