Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Musings

Sheesh, it's been forever and ever and ever since I last posted! Sorry blog followers! I've just been super busy lately and blogging has been a low priority. Not that I don't love my blog!

I can't believe it's already almost the end of February. Have you noticed the sun more and more? I say that as we are in the middle of a winter storm watch, but it has been sunnier lately. It means March is right around the corner and that means spring!

Until spring officially makes its way into our lives once again, Chad and I are enjoying the Winter Olympics. Chad explained to me that no dude likes or ever admits (if they do) to watching the opening ceremony because it's so parade-y and girly. I watched until I fell asleep...they were cool this year but I do like the closing ceremonies much better because I feel like I know the athletes more.

Kathy posted this week about watching the Olympics and I figured I would post my own Olympics memories. I have always loved watching the Olympics, my family always watched when I was a kid. When the torch was on it's tour before the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta I went to see it when it made a stop at the train station in Lake Forest. That was super cool. I remember watching with my dad and my sister.

We've met a few Olympians but I can't find any pictures! I think they may be on my old computer. But here are the people we have met: Jenny Finch (gold medal-winner for softball), Magic Johnson (gold medal-winner in basketball), and Michael Phelps (million time over gold-medal-winner). Chad also took Jordan to meet Mark Spitz who held the record for winning in swimming before Phelps broke his record.

I have to say meeting Jenny Finch was pretty cool. We've met lots of athletes but she had her gold medal with her and let me hold it. I barely held back tears because I was so moved. There is something profound about holding a golf medal. Amazing. Sorry I have no pictures...maybe I can dig some up. I hope to post again soon!


Laraf123 said...

I noticed that it wasn't completely dark when I picked the boys up at 5:30! Always good to celebrate the little things!

Emily Jane said...

Yay you're back! I missed you :) I've never seen an Olympics opening ceremony ever!

Kathy Lou said...

I love the opening ceremonies! My favorite part is watching the athletes march in and hearing about the flag bearers. They are usually chosen for some special reason. I have never held a medal, that would be cool.