Friday, July 9, 2010

My Own Little Photographer

Last night I pulled my old camera out of the closet because our point and shoot just isn't cutting it when it comes to taking great pictures any more.  I love my old camera.  It's a digital but it's nice and clunky, kind of like a mini-SLR and the pictures are just sharper and more colorful.  It's a tiny bit slow, which makes it hard to take pictures of kids, but I'm trying it anyway.  Jordan saw me with the camera and was all over it.  My dad and I have the same camera and Jordan immediately asked, "Is that Papa's camera?"  I told him it wasn't, that it was mine, and he wanted to push all the buttons.  We were about to read books and there were no batteries in the camera so I told him we would look at it later.

After I got batteries in the camera, I had Jordan sit with me on the couch so I could show him how to work the camera.  It was so sweet to have him climb up onto the couch next to me, he seems to always be on the go lately and it's rare that he sits calmly with me (unless it's to read books before bed).  So, I showed him how to turn it on and how to pop the flash open and how to zoom in and out.  He'd rather look through the eye hold than look at the digital screen, it's so cute.  He wrapped his little fingers around the camera so he could actually take the picture.  Since then he has been excited to be a photographer and has been taking pictures.  It's so cute.  Here are some of his great shots so far!

We took this one together while on the couch. It's of Danny, but I love Jordan's piggies in the corner!
First he put his dad's hat on me, then he took my picture!  Kind of a little too close up...
This one is my favorite!
Here's one I took of him while he was taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.  I just think it's so cute that he loves that camera.  He took it to my aunt's birthday party tonight, I can't wait to see the pictures he gets!


Kathy Lou said...

I love handing Maddy the camera. It is amazing to see the world through the eyes of a child. I am always amazed at how great the pictures are. I love Jordan's self portrait, very cool.

Laraf123 said...

What a great idea--and great photos! I think the first is my favorite, for the story it tells. All of the photos you posted turned out so well--isn't it great that technology allows kids to get instant gratification when they take a photo? Imagine if these had to be developed like in the "old days"--clearly children would need to be a lot older before they got the concept of photography. What a wonderful activity for the two of you to share!