Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stranded at the Drive-In

Our friends invited us to go to the Drive-In on Friday night.  I was nervous to go because it has been sooooooooo hot lately and let me tell you, breastfeeding when it's hot, outside, under a hooter hider is not really my idea of fun.  Chad convinced me to go though and I'm so glad we all went.  I would have been sad to have missed it.  

On the way, we stopped at the cutest little candy/chocolate/ice cream shop.  It was great.  I remember having passed it before but I had never been inside.  It was awesome to see Jordan's whole face just light up at the sight of all the candy...but it was even more fun to see how excited Chad got.  (Not that I was completely giddy myself...)  We loaded up and then headed over to the drive-in.  

It took a while for the sun to go down so the movie could start but the kids had fun playing in the back of one of our cars.  Jordan has been getting together with Alex and Maddy almost weekly for two years now I would say...it's crazy now that I think of it, but it makes sense when I think about how close they are.  It seems like every time we go somewhere Jordan asks if Maddy and Alex are going to be there!  

They wouldn't smile for a picture but I think this is just about equally as cute!
Chad was teasing them and giving them high fives through the window and acting like they were killing him.  He is so fun to watch with the kids, he just cracks them up every time.  It's kind of hard to see Jordan, but he's there, too.  Love it!
Jordan and Alex
My sweet Peanut!!!!
My little string bean was there, too!!!!!!  He slept the whole time!  (...but I did have to feed him once and everyone was lucky it cooled down so I wasn't too cranky about it...)
We got great spots and were pretty close to the screen.  We saw Despicable Me which I loved.  I didn't take any pictures of the concession stand but it was built low into the ground and it reminded me of the movie Grease.  Love that movie!

I just have to add that if you haven't been to a drive-in movie recently...or ever...or ever that you could remember (like me) then I definitely recommend searching out your closest drive-in and heading over there.  While you're searching, see if you can find a chocolate/candy/ice cream shop on the way!


Laraf123 said...

I haven't been to a drive in for decades! This sounds like so much fun!

Mrs.Mom said...

It's right down the road from us and we still haven't made it over there, I think it's about time! Looks like it was so much fun!