Friday, July 23, 2010

Staycation Part 1

We went on a completely spontaneous staycation!!!  It was fun.  Sometimes it's fun to just make a plan and go for it.  Chad really wanted to see Danny Gokey at a county fair on Wednesday night.  He had to be down in the city on Wednesday though and usually he doesn't get back until late...except this Wednesday he was done early and was home by 1:00!  I told him we were all going to go to the fair since he was home early and I knew he would be heart broken if we didn't go.

Luckily, my mom was at our house and helped up pack up because we didn't have much time before we wanted to be on the road.  We did Priceline to book a hotel room and hopped in the car only about 15 minutes past the time when we wanted to leave.

We did the fair on Wednesday night where we met Danny Gokey!  Chad, of course, has met him multiple times, I have met him once, but neither of the boys had met him.  Jordan knows all his songs because  Chad listens to the CD so much and was excited to sing along.  It was awesome that we all got to meet him...AND he actually held (our) Danny!  Super fun.

Jordan just helped me upload these pictures and pointed to each person in this picture and said: "Mommy, Jordan, Danny our baby, and Danny Gokey!"


Laura said...

You guys are so cool! You are always doing such fun things! You should enlarge and frame that picture of the Danny and Danny and put it in YOUR Danny's room.

Laraf123 said...

Now that Danny held Danny, Chad is never going to want to give the baby a bath!

Kristi said...

Thats awesome you got to meet him!!! I wish I had a staycation after packing for the beach twice and unpacking TWICE!! NOT FUN!! Hope you are enjoying your two cuties!!