Saturday, February 5, 2011

American Idol 2011...What Season Is it???

I'm not even sure what season we are in for American Idol...and I honestly am not worried enough about it to look it up...BUT we have been watching and I find myself eagerly awaiting it as usual.  As not-so-great as the singers were last season (minus Lee, of course), I still want to watch this year.  So far I think there will be some great singers this year.  I already have a favorite, she's young and I'm not sure how far she'll get, but I'm definitely watching for her and hoping she will get pretty far.  I think she's awesome.  Her name is Lauren Alaina and she was the very last audition last week on Thursday.  She was really sweet and her voice sounded great to me.  They wrote about her in this LA Times article, where I found this picture:
I'll definitely vote for her!
One thing that is different for us this season is that Jordan gets to watch with us!  He has always been in bed before Idol started OR we had DVR so we watched after he was in, we've cancelled the DVR to save some money and he's not in bed by 7:00 any more (sad as it is, it's true...).  He doesn't get to watch the whole thing and sometimes he's eating or playing as we have it on but when the first time we watched he watched, too.  He sat there and when I asked him what he thought, he would look at me, scrunch his nose, and say, "He doesn't get it."  Now that's his response no matter who is singing and if they are good or not, "He doesn't get it," as he shakes his head back and forth, like it's such a sad state.  It cracks us up!  I love it!  
Have you watched this season?  What do you think?  Any favorites for you yet?  You can watch Lauren Alaina here, too.  Do you think she gets it?


Laraf123 said...

You canceled your DVR? I couldn't survive without mine. (I did cancel my Netflix and went down to a smaller satellite package--lost a lot of channels.) Still, I can't remember the last time I watched tv "live". Believe it or not I've never watched Idol--but I love your updates!

Mrs.Mom said...

I'm impressed that you guys cancelled your DVR, I couldn't do that! I usually don't start watching until Hollywood week, but I did catch some auditions and I was more interested in how Steven Tyler and J-Lo were as judges...which Steven Tyler is hysterical and J-Lo is meaner than I thought she'd be (which I think is good!).

Kathy Lou said...

I like this girl quite a bit too, I hope she makes it through Hollywood!

Laura said...

We've never even had DVR and because of that I don't have any current shows that I'm watching consistently. I miss watching IDOL, I have church stuff every Wednesday and I always forget what other nights it is on! Maybe Mike and I can record the episodes old school style with a video tape so I can get caught up.