Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's In The Cards for Valentine's Day?

I love Valentine's day!  I'm a lucky mom to have three boys in my life to love!  Jordan and I have worked on his Valentine's already and I'm hoping we can dye some carnations some time this weekend.  We did make this fun decoration last week and I love how it turned out:
I found this activity from No Time for Flashcards where she has great ideas for kids.  I was excited because Chad and I had just played cards and as I was looking for a deck to play with, I found an old pack of Coca-Cola cards that were missing three cards.  This not-quite-complete pack was exactly what we needed for this project, bonus for us: no cost!

Jordan helped me sort through the cards and find only the heart cards.  Then we put them in order and counted the numbers on the card.  He helped me punch holes in the cards and I cut some heart shapes out.  Next, we strung them all up.  Jordan did pretty good for a few of the cards and then he got tired of it so I ended up finishing it up but that's okay!  I think it looks so pretty on our mantle.

I need to do more projects like this with Jordan.  Luckily, he works on projects all the time at our sitter's. He comes home with coloring pages, paintwork, things he has glued, cut, glittered, you name it.  It makes a huge difference to have such a great sitter who does all of this, it just makes me feel so reassured that he's there with her.

What are your favorite Valentine's Day crafts?  Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?  What kind of Valentine's are your kiddos giving - homemade or store-bought?  (Either is okay...just curious!)


Laraf123 said...

I love this--it looks elegant and fun at the same time!

When we were stuck inside during the big snow, the boys finger painted with red and blue. They made too many pics to hang up. So after they dried, I used a wide Sharpie marker to draw hearts on the back of the paintings. Henry cut out the shapes and glued them on pink construction paper. (Liam added a few stickers on his :)

Laura said...

We did homemade Valentines cards for Charlotte this year since she was only going to be giving them to her cousins. But I can remember going to the store and picking out my Valentine's cards as a kid and I loved it! I always got so excited to pick them out and then choose who I would give each one too. We don't really have any Valentine's traditions yet, but I would like to start some, especially now that Charlotte is getting older.