Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weird Wondering...

I've got another weird wondering for you...because sometimes I get to wondering and I feel like what I'm wondering is just kind of goofy and I have to share.

I bought a new can/jar/canister of sea salt recently and it seems like I try my hardest to close it up just right but then every time I go to use it I realize I didn't close it quite all the way...and now I'm wondering if it's me or these lids to these contraptions that just barely leave you any room to be off.  Here's a pic of what I mean:
Sea Salt
So tell me, because this is what I'm it that they just barely make these lids capable of being in their closed state, or am I just not coordinated enough to get it to match up exactly most of the time!?!?


Laraf123 said...

You probably close it fully and it shifts open when you set it on the high shelf in the cabinet. That's what I tell myself anyway :)

Laura said...

Huh. Never really noticed. It's probably not a good thing to leave it open, even just a little bit. I better go check my spice containers!

Il regno del leone said...

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