Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

Chad found out that the closest Lego store to us was having a grand re-opening.  He took Jordan because they were building a huge Buzz Lightyear out of Legos.  I stayed home with Danny and let him crawl all around, he's getting really good at his army crawl.  It's cute to hear his little grunts as he scoots himself closer to whatever toy he's got his heart set on.
Jordan got to put together a few big blocks that they then used on the big Buzz.  
Here he is picking out some Legos to use:
 This was a mini-Buzz up on the bigger Buzz that was almost completed.
 My sweet boy so proud of his block!
 Here's what Buzz's head looks like.  I love the eyebrows! 
We are huge Buzz Lightyear fans around here.  Jordan was Buzz for Halloween and wants a Buzz birthday party this year.  I can't believe he'll be four soon!  My favorite part of Toy Story 3 is when Buzz goes into Spanish mode.  It's just too funny!


Laura said...

I can only imagine the little grunts Danny makes army crawling around the house. Too cute.

OK that lego store re-opening would be a dream come true for me. I loved legos growing up. Like so much, what can I say I'm a nerd.

I also love when Buzz goes into the Spanish mode in Toy Story 3. Hilarious!

Emily Jane said...

He looks soostro happy! :-)

Gradma said...

Jordan is so cute. I love that he is wearing his backpack, he is so proud that he can put it on by himself.