Sunday, August 16, 2009

Craft Social (Again!)!!

On Friday night, I went to the second Chicago Craft Social with Kathy and Silvia. We went in May and had a ton of fun so we had to go back! This time we made completely different projects but had as much fun! It was just perfect to be able to get some girl time, some craft time, and some away time!!!

First we made Grunge Paper Flower cool are these!?!
From left to right, Silvia's, mine, and Kathy's! I can't wait to wear mine! I am so making more of these...when I get my hands on some grunge paper!
Coasters!! These are cork coasters covered in magazine pages with mod podge. Fun!
This was my most time-consuming project of the night, but I left with something I am so proud of! I sat next to Nicole who helped me make decisions along the way. (Hi, Nicole!)Here I am working on my baby booties! I had a lot of fun. It felt good to be productive and I learned some new stitches!
Ta da! Here are my baby booties! They are going to be a perfect gift topper for a shower I have coming up!
Silvia and Kathy went to make this cute owl wall hanging and keychains while I was working on my booties! Fun!
Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!


Nicole said...

Hi Jen! The booties turned out so cute!!! I still only have one done and I had to EXPLAIN what it was to my husband! HA!

It was so great to meet you... I can't wait for the next Craft Social.

Laura said...

Ok those booties are to die for. Oh my gosh those are so darling!

What a fun girls night! I'm totally jealous.

Jess said...

Yay, so glad you had fun!