Saturday, August 1, 2009


Here is my public service announcement to all people everywhere:

Do not put pasta down your garbage disposal!!!!

Believe me, it's not a good thing. I didn't grow up with a garbage disposal, so I guess I missed out on all the garbage disposal rules...but apparently if you put too much stuff down at a time it's not really good for the garbage disposal AND if you put pasta down it will expand and get gooey and basically clog your pipes as if you poured glue down them. Bottom line, pasta down the garbage disposal is not a good idea.

The awesome thing about this whole experience is that Jordan got to be Handy Manny with his dad, who actually installed a brand new garbage disposal! I was very proud of Chad for not getting insanely mad at me and for putting in our new garbage disposal. He even used a plumber's snake "thing" to try and unclog the drain, but unfortunately it was was to clogged so we ended up having to call a plumber for that.

Here's my handy men!


Stephanie said...

Who knew??? I DID grow up with a garbage disposal and I didn't know the rule about pasta. Good thing you are sharing!

Kathy Lou said...

Nice work! I'm so impressed with Chad for tackling this job. Jordan is so sweet helping out.

Laura said...

OK I seriously had no idea pasta could do that. I put things down my disposal ALL the time. I won't be putting any pasta down there thanks to you!