Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Road of Lost Innocence

Most Recently Read Book:

The Road of Lost Innocence

By Somaly Mam

I can't believe I haven't even posted one book at all in August...and that's because this is the only book I have even read in August. It doesn't make sense that during the summer when I don't have to work I can't find time to read. Only a few more days left of summer though, and then I'll be back on track again.

Back to the book, this was our book club book of the month this time around. It's the autobiographical story of a woman who is orphaned as a child only to be taken in by a grandfather who sells her to a brothel. From there she tells of her experience and how she finally was able to get out of the sex trade. It's amazing that this is still going on in the world today, but this woman has set up homes where she tries to rescue girls and give them a safe place to live, go to school, and earn a living for themselves. It's a very sad story but also uplifting to read how she overcame and the good she has done for others.

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