Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake County Fair 2009

Now that the fair is so close to us and that Jordan is old enough to enjoy the fair we decided to get a season pass. We went Wednesday through Saturday and had a lot of fun!

Jordan with a camel!
Jordan feeding a deer.
Jordan with the Budweiser Clydesdales
Chad and Jordan with the tractors.
Jordan and me at the motocross races! Very fun!
Riding the teacups!
Going down the big slide with Daddy!
Woo hoo!
On the hot air balloon ride!
Motorcycle man!
Cute cows!
Looking at the little chicks!
Playing in the beans! I love this face that I caught after he dumped out a scoop of beans!
Mommy and Jordan!
Being a farmer and digging for potatoes!
Picking a carrot!
Tractor pull!
Papa, Jordan, Grandma, and me at the tractor pull! Afterwards we went to listen to Randy Houser and James Otto sing!
Jordan covering his ears!
Me and Chad at Blake Shelton Saturday night. Check out Chad's new cowboy look!
Jane and me at Blake Shelton. It was fun that Jane came with us. The show was really fun!
There are the basic highlights of our week at the fair!!!


Lara said...

We are going to WI state fair tomorrow. My dad wants to take Henry down the big slide. I said, "No Way" But now that I see Jordan, I may have to rethink that!

Laura said...