Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tattoo Giveaway!

Hey, guess what??? I got another package today from Knopf, my friendly-generous publishing company. They sent me The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo tattoos!!! I am super excited. I'll be contacting everyone who entered for the giveaway for the book The Girl Who Played With Fire so I can send them their cool tattoo! Anyone else who is interested in an oh-so-cool dragon tattoo, post a comment and tell me if you have a tattoo, or two, or twenty-seven, and tell me about it OR if you don't have a tattoo, tell me what kind of tattoo you would want and where you would get it if you were to ever get one. The first ten commenters get a tattoo!!! Cool, huh?

I have to tell you that I don't have a tattoo. I've thought about it. I got my belly button pierced in college but that's about as crazy as I get when it comes to such bodily fun. I had to take my belly button ring out when I got pregnant with Jordan so I don't even have that any more.

If I could get a tattoo I would definitely want a colorful one...not a black one, which Chad always points out are really green...but I pretend they are black. I think I would want something swirly, like the cool drawings/doodles my sister does with lots of fun colors. I think I would want it on my foot or my ankle, but then I could never wear sandals or capris at work because I would feel self-conscious about my tattoo and I've heard that it hurts if you get it where there is basically just bone there SOOOO that's why I don't actually have a tattoo. But I do like remove-able tattoos!


Nicole said...

That is a super cute picture of you!

Okay... I am a tattooed woman. I have THREE (I can't even believe it!)!!!! One on my foot... a chinese character for courage. One on my lower back... flowers. And finally the largest tattoo of a hula girl on my thigh which is a little bigger than I had intended but whatever. I got them all when I was much younger and much more crazy. Okay, crazier than I am now.

Kathy Lou said...

No tattoos for me. I don't voluntarily do pain unless a baby is involved.
I think it's great they sent you the tattoos! Very cool.

Kathy Lou said...

BTW- that's a cute picture of you!