Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bloggy Friends Forever

This weekend I think I had the most fun I've ever had as a blogger!  I got to meet up with Emily Jane and some of her other bloggy friends downtown.  Emily and I started e-mailing and reading each other's blogs when we found out we both shared a love for The Time Traveler's Wife.  (You know it's my favorite book, so someone else who loves it as much as I do is basically my book soulmate!)    
It was cool to get to meet her in real life and to hang out with new friends, too.  Blogging and e-mailing has been like a new and improved version of having a penpal.  I love the idea of knowing people from other parts of the world and being able to connect with them.  Now though, I realize that it's also a bummer to have friends in other parts of the world who are so far away.  After meeting Emily it's like she's here, but then I have to remember she's not.  It's kind of like when family or friends are in town from far away...it's a blast for a few days...until they leave and then they're just not here any more to hang out with.  I guess if we can't be neighbors at least we can still keep in touch.  Horray for blogs and Facebook and Twitter! 
I have to give a shout-out to Ashley over at Sound of Silent for making Jordan this paper crane!  I somehow managed to keep track of it and not squoosh it on the way home so I could give it to Jordan.  He had fun saying the word "origami"!!!


Erin said...

How fun! I love, love, love meeting bloggers. It's always so amazing.

Ashley said...

YAY! I'm glad Jordan liked it!

Jody said...

How terrific!

Have you read her new one, Her Fearful Symmetry? I'd be curious to hear what you think of it?

Jody x