Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Ramblings About SAHM Life

Yesterday was my first day home with just Danny!  I felt like an official SAHM - stay-at-home least for the next four weeks .  I have always said that I would never want to be a SAHM just because I love being busy and organized and working on projects...but I had never really tried the whole SAHM thing until now...and now I kind of like it!  My life as a teacher is weird because Chad is a teacher, too.  That means that any days I'm off for school Chad is usually off, too...except he gets some Jewish holidays off (lucky).  This is my first go at being home alone with just my little string bean.  Isn't he just a doll?
When Jordan was born, Chad stayed home for two weeks and then I was home with Jordan for 2 or 3 weeks before Chad was off for summer vacation.  After squeezing that ten-pound baby out of me, I basically wanted to just be a lump on the couch.  I did go for a walk around the neighborhood in the mornings and that was about the extent of my day.
Now that I'm home with Danny it's a totally different experience because he's already two months old and I'm feeling much more like myself.  Chad is at work, Jordan is at the sitter, and I'm free to do what I want to do with Danny!  This morning I got a ton of cleaning done while he took a short nap, then after he ate, I loaded him up and made my first shopping excursion to Trader Joe's.  I have to say I felt uber-cool because I had him all snuggled up in the Moby while I shopped (I so wish I had a picture...).  We made it home for lunch and a quick nap before his 2-month doctor appointment.  I seriously got so much accomplished today, even Chad noticed how much I was able to get done around the house.

This baby is 15 pounds!!!!!  That's the 97% for weight...sheesh.
I did have tears in my eyes when Jordan left with Chad because I love spending time with him, too...but I had to tell myself that he would have fun playing with his friends at the sitter's (and he did, of course!).  It's hard to explain the connection I have with Danny.  My love for Jordan grew (and still grows) everyday.  It was hard work having a baby the first time around.  I hated leaving him at the sitter's when I went back to work but I miss him so much more now when he goes to the sitter's because I have such a stronger connection with him now compared to when he was a baby.  It's still hard having a baby the second time around, but it's a different experience.  I'm laid back in so many ways because I've done it before so I feel like I already have such a strong bond with Danny.  It's hard getting up in the middle of the night and being tired during the day but it's not hard as far as knowing what to do and just loving my baby.

Now I just have to NOT get too used to this SAHM business in the next four weeks because I have to go back to work whether I like it or not!!!


Laraf123 said...

Enjoy every minute of the next 4 weeks! Danny is gorgeous--look at those eyes! (My boys were both big, big. Liam is still in the 99th percentile. Everyone thinks I'm lying about his age, LOL)

Laura said...

So I didn't realize you got to be home with Danny for awhile. I thought you were already back in the thick of school! I'm glad you are enjoying your time with that sweet, sweet boy.

Emily Jane said...

Awww, I can imagine it must have been hard saying goodbye to Jordan... but hooray for having another four weeks with Danny! He's such a sweetie! Relax, enjoy every second of the time with him :)

Jody said...

Do you not get six months maternity leave?

My goodness he is ADORABLE!

Mrs.Mom said...

He really is super adorable! Enjoy every minute of it!