Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cereal Idiosyncracies

Honestly, I never really realized how different two people can be when it comes to eating cereal!  I just have to write about it because it's been cracking me up lately.  I am intrigued by how opposite Chad and I are when it comes to eating cereal and now I'm wondering what other people's tendencies are when they eat cereal.  

Me: I prefer a roundish tall bowl full of cereal.  I then load up on milk, too.  I make sure I start to see the milk coming up over the cereal so the cereal starts to just barely start to float in the milk.  I love a big spoon to eat cereal with.  I gauge how much cereal versus how much milk I have left as I go so when it comes down to the end I usually can finish my cereal at the same time as I finish the milk.  I leave usually a teeny bit of milk in the bottom of the bowl but otherwise (in my opinion) it is cereal-eating perfection.  Waste not, want not.  

Chad: He prefers a wider short bowl full of cereal.  He does load up on cereal but he doesn't like too much milk.  I mean, he barely even wants any milk in his cereal.  He chooses a small spoon.  He doesn't want to really drink the milk, he just wants his cereal to be barely wet from the cereal.  He'll eat the cereal, leaving flakes or krispies or whatever all around the rim of the bowl and a ton of milk in the bowl.  Here's the part that I am most astonished by, he'll use that leftover milk and just add more cereal to his bowl.  (If I'm going back for a second bowl, I need a whole new set of cereal and a whole new pouring of milk.)  

Did you realize it was even possible to cereal so differently?  I honestly, truly, desperately am dying to know how you eat cereal.  Do you eat cereal?  What kind of a bowl do you like?  Big spoon or small spoon?  Lots of milk or some milk...or no milk!!!  (Jordan has been requesting Cocoa Krispies with no milk and he'll use his spoon to eat it but doesn't want milk on it!)  Don't be shy, no judging, I'm just curious about your cereal personality!


Laura said...

Ok I just loved this post so much. There is definitely a way to eat cereal. Both Mike and I eat our cereal like you. I have to have a big spoon, and I load up on the milk! I can't stand a small spoon or a little amount of milk, yuk. So the real question is, what's your cereal of choice?

Emily Jane said...

Haha, great observation!! I'm an oatmeal and smoothie girl in the mornings, but when I DO eat cereal, I have to say I'm with Chad on this one - enough milk to coat everything but never enough to have anything FLOAT in it. I swear I'll invent the strainer spoon one day for this very purpose!!


Mrs.Mom said...

LOL! We only have one size of bowl for cereal here, and it's a shorter/wider bowl. I have to have only enough milk to get all of it wet, plus a little more. I eat the cereal without having a ton of milk on the spoon with it. Once the cereal is gone, I add just enough cereal to match the amount of milk that is left. I repeat this until all of the milk is gone! I hate wasting it, so I just end up eating more cereal, LOL! My husband drives me nuts because he leaves milk and cereal along the sides of the bowl!

Kathy Lou said...

Lately I am an oatmeal girl, but when I eat out-of-the-box cereal it's a tall bowl full of milk but with a small spoon! Marc likes a tall bowl full of milk and a large spoon. The cereal must float, that's how you know there's enough milk.