Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Couch to 5k - Day Two!

I just got back from my second workout!  In fact, I should be stretching right now...but I felt more compelled to blog.  I felt great this morning, it might have helped that it was much cooler out and that it was first thing in the morning.  I love working out first thing in the morning, I feel so much stronger.  I'm totally a morning person, though.  Now I can go on with the rest of my day and feel good about having already worked out.  It was drizzling when I went out and raining a tad harder when I got back, but I love running in the rain.  I love even more being able to come home to this sweet boy!  Jordan is off at Papa and Gramma's house being spoiled!  I'm hoping the boys will run with me someday.  Jordan loves to run, I think he could do a kids fun run no problem!
1. Complete the couch to 5k training program 
- one workout at a time!
So far 2 down: 26 to go!
2. Do pilates or strength training on my off days. Love pilates!

3. Register for a 5k on October 31st - I'm going to do one on the 30th, 
I'll post the link soon. 
4. Decide and work on my costume for the race!  Still not sure...ideas?
5. Convince at least one other person to run with me on the 31st! 
Looking good!  So far Laura and Silvia are going to run, too!!!

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Laura said...

YAY! Keep the running updates coming. I love it. You're already doing so well. Anyone who goes running in the rain on their own free will is hardcore!