Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lunch in the Park!

I'm very slowly getting caught up with blogging. I have nothing to do but I can't keep up! These pictures are from last Friday when we went to Lunch in the Park. We have gone a few times already this summer and enjoyed it. Jordan gets to play in the park, eat, and visit the ambulance, fire truck, and bookmobile. Here he is trying to play in the sand!
Chad and Jordan at our picnic spot.
Jordan with Chad's hat.
Jordan and Mommy. I'm loving this picture!
Jordan in the ambulance! I don't think he really gets what an ambulance is for. It's not very exciting inside if you ask me.

After the ambulance we went to the bookmobile and found some videos to check out. I love that Jordan likes to go look at the books there. It makes me proud!


mom said...

Are you OK? How is your finger? I am using Jacquie's lap top (she knows), my computer is not working so I have not been reading the blog latetly. It is so great that you guys can have the summer off and do all these fun things together. You are very lucky.

Kathy Lou said...

Broken Oberweis bottles are horrible! They are so thick and sharp. I haven't broken one in a long time, hope your finger is ok.
I really like that picture of you with Jordan as well. I love that his eyebrows are up, he looks so happy and relaxed.