Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Most Recently Read Book:


By Wendelin Van Draanen

This was a good book!  It was a pretty deep book for a middle school book, but it was really good.  What I really loved was that the book is a great example of perspective.  I am definitely going to use this book to teach perspective with my students.  Flipped is the story about a boy and a girl who live across the street from each other.  The girl has a crush on the boy the second she spots him as he's moving in across the street.  The goy totally can't stand the girl the minute she shows up at his new house.  From there you get the same story from each of their points of view as they grow up and their relationship changes.  The author does a good job of telling the story twice from each of their perspectives without making it seem like you are reading it twice.  Very sweet book. 

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