Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome Bruce and Clark!

Many of you have heard that the Vincent household once again has hermit crabs!  Chad thought it would be fun to get a pet for Jordan and hermit crabs are one of the best pets for kids.  We got two crabs, the first one is towards the back with the yellow shell and the other one is right in front with the blue shell.  The yellow shell has a painted Batman symbol on it and the blue shell has the Superman logo!  We named them Bruce and Clark appropriately!
Jordan has fun watching them and talking to them.  He doesn't really have any interest in holding them, which is probably a good thing.  Here we are at the pet store!


Kathy Lou said...

Maddy saw a hermit crab at the doctor's office. She was so excited to see it! I told her Jordan was getting one (or two) and couldn't believe it. I love the shells, Maddy will think that's a kick. I have to show her the pics.

The Millers said...

Jordan is getting so big!!!! He's such a cutie! Can you believe he is going to be 2??!!! I spoke with April the other night and she filled me in on the 16th. I didn't know for sure if we were still doing something. Now I do! Give me a call sometime! Thanks for the input on the valance. I am still not totally sure. I think I am going to wait until I get the backsplash up and then make a decision.

khill said...

The Hill household just became a home of 2 hamsters! Ralphie (Sophia's) & Chocolate Thunda (Wyatt's). Enjoy your new pets!