Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have only once painted with Jordan at our house and since then I haven't been brave enough to break out the paints...until tonight!  Chad had parent/teacher conferences so I was home with Jordan all night by myself.  It was nice to have some Mommy/Jordan bonding.  I brought the easel down into the kitchen so any paint spillage wouldn't do too much damage!  As it turns out Jordan had quite a few accidents because he would pick up the little jug of paint and fling it around without realizing paint was flying everywhere.  Everything was cleanable so it's all good...let's just not tell Chad!  What he doesn't know won't hurt him!  
I tried and tried to get him to look at me for one second and to smile...I at least go him looking.  Don't you love the smock?  There are little pockets and there were crayons in each pocket, he was so cute reaching down to pull out a new crayon.  
Oops, I was just editing some of the video I have and Chad is wondering why I am hysterically laughing over here.  I'm sorry, it just cracks me up.  I had some Fred Koch music on and Jordan just got way excited...I love that he knows when he messes up but he doesn't quite know what to do about it.  He didn't really want to admit that he messed up but he didn't say, "No", instead he just shrugs.  Love that face!


Kathy Lou said...

The video had me giggling out loud! So cute!! Oops. I just recently got a piece of canvas to use as a drop cloth so when Maddy splatters her paint, which she does often, it lands on the canvas. She looks like a real painter with her own drop cloth.

Aunt Jacquie said...

Aww! fun!! I want to see the masterpieces! :) That is so fun Jen!

Gama said...

So cute. He felt bad but mommy made him feel better by not getting really mad at him. He was having lots of fun, we have one of those too but no paint, we have markers and crayos, that'll work. Papa Jack and Jordie will have a lot of fun next time he comes over. Jordie looks very handsome wearing his smock.

mom said...

I have another comment, this video is so cute, I keep watching it over and over, love it.