Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jordan Goes Bowling!

We took Jordan bowling for the first time on Sunday!  We had fun but I think he still needs a little more time because he was distracted and by the end wasn't interesting in bowling any more.  Chad says we have to start somewhere!  I think it will be fun to go more in the summer, especially if we can find a time that is not to busy.  

Wouldn't it figure that his first time he gets a gutterball!  Even with the bumpers!

I think every kid likes the air that comes out of these things!

Here they are lining up their shot!

Woo hoo!  He actually got some down this time!


Kathy Lou said...

OMG- look at those tiny bowling shoes!
I love it! What a great idea, I bet Maddy would like it too, but only for a few frames.

Aunt Jacquie said...

Aww! too cute! and Jordan looks like a mini Chad in the one picture because the two of them are both wearing a red shirt and jeans :) Too cute!