Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Spring always makes me want to paint my nails so I treated myself to a new jar of nail polish (it's not a jar, what do you call it really?  hmm....) last week.  It's a bright wild pink color and I love it.  My toes have the same pink color and then I added teal-blue spots but I wasn't brave enough to do that on my nails!  

I thought about going to get my nails done at a nail place but the manicures never ever ever last for me so I always feel like I wasted my nails.  Maybe when it gets warmer I could go for a pedicure.  I told Chad I wanted to go and he reminded me that you can catch all sorts of nasty stuff at those nail places.  I was sooooo happy to be reminded of that.  

Anyway, I went and bought my own polish and I'm happy.  My toes are ready for flip flips!  I think I'd actually rather do my own nails...and it cost me less than $3!


Laura said...

I love the color you choose! So fabulous and so spring.

mom said...

Pretty! You did a good job and they look so nice. I really like the color, I have to get some. Have a great day.