Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jordan's First Bulls Game!

Today we took Jordan to his first Bulls game!  My parents and Rob, Silvia, and Alex came with us.  Jordan had so much fun watching the pre-game stuff that he thought it was all done when the game started.  He kept saying, "All done," until he realized it wasn't all done and we weren't going home yet. 
Jordan fell asleep for a little bit until Chad woke him up to go meet Benny the Bull.  We were a little too late to get our picture taken with Benny but Jordan got to give him a high five:

After the game Jordan and Alex had fun looking at the people down below us.  We were in the 300 level which is pretty high up.  You could still see the whole court easily. 
Here are the Vincents!  The game was great, and was close at the end so it was exciting to watch.  You can see the smiles on our faces: Bulls win!
Here we are after the arena emptied out.
Gama and Papa
Chad and Jordan with the new Johnny "Red" Kerr statue. 


mom said...

Dad and I had a wonderful time from beginning to end. It was fun having coffee with Dad in Chicago, we also enjoyed shopping at Old Navy and Macy's and the game was so much fun, better yet the Bulls won. Alex and Jordan were so good. Lets do it again soon.

Laura said...

A mini Chad in the making. I love it.