Friday, September 25, 2009

American Idols 2009 Tour Part Twoh

Chad was so excited at the Idols tour that he asked one of his friends from work to go with him again when they came to Chicago. We saw them on Friday in Milwaukee and then Chad saw them the very next Wednesday night in Chicago. It was crazy but it was fun. This time he had floor seats and was really close to the stage compared to when we saw them in Milwaukee (I'm just a little jealous.)
Danny Gokey performing
Allison Iraheta
Danny Gokey!!!!!!!!!
Anoop Desai

Chad collected all the Idols' autographs on his program from the show. It has all of their pictures on the front and they each signed their own face. It's pretty cool!


Kathy Lou said...

Chad looks like a long lost buddy of Danny Gokey!
Great pictures.

Kathy Lou said...

Come to think of it, I think he is by now. :-)

josh_olson said...

Is this real music? Don't spend your money on this...

Your children will be embarrassed when they realize you like this kind of music.

Clay Aiken eat your heart out.