Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Chad!!!!

It has been exactly one month since Chad's birthday and since we had his birthday I guess that's officially how far behind I am!

We had a great celebration for Chad. It was pretty simple but it was fun. His family and my family came over on a Sunday morning and we all chowed on delicious, piping hot waffles and an outstanding egg casserole.

Here's Chad opening his new, stellar waffle maker!
Ta da!!!! All ready to go!
Jordan helped Chad open his presents.
Sergio made Chad a birdhouse. It was expertly painted!
Afterwards we thought about how our house is kind of on the small side, but I, personally, felt like everyone found a place to be and everyone felt comfortable. We had a great morning just spending time together. Some people were in the living room, some people were upstairs playing with the train table, others were at the kitchen table. To me it was family.

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