Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Most Recently Read Book:


By Jerry Spinelli

Oh, Stargirl. I love this book. I think I love Love, Stargirl even more, but you can't have Love, Stargirl without Stargirl. Jerry Spinelli is one of my favorite authors. I love the generosity in Stargirl's character. I think it's so sad that she has to be shunned by the entire school in this book, but I also think it's an interesting story about the idea of having your own identity and how hard it is to really have your own identity, know that you do, and be comfortable with it in high school.

One of my students is reading Schooled by Gordon Korman right now and that book reminds me of another character (Cap) who is so in tune with himself and that is just completely misunderstood by other people. It's interesting to realize how messed up people can be when wonderful people like Stargirl and Cap are weirdos and can't be accepted.

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